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Sex, drugs and knife-wielding masked murderers—seriously, what more could you want in a television show?

After seven seasons of groundbreaking TV, salacious sudser Nip/Tuck closes McNamara/Troy's doors for good Wednesday, March 3, at 10 p.m.. And while our devotion to the one-time hit has waned a bit over the years, we're here to tell you that the series finale does not disappoint.

But fair warning, if you're looking forward to a signature Nip/Tuck jaw-dropping, cringeworthy conclusion, you may want to lower your expectations just a teensy bit...

We obviously can't spill too many juicy details, but we can tell you that the final hour of Nip/Tuck was unlike anything we'd anticipated.

Just to give you some insight into where our minds were prefinale, think blood, death and misery (à la Rita's death on Dexter) as well as storylines left wide open for interpretation, leaving no clear future for the characters we've grown to care about over the past seven years (à la The Sopranos finale). But fortunately, not all of that stuff happens in the finale, which is entitled "Hiro Yoshimura."

Some favorite Nip/Tuck characters actually get happy endings—or at least the abbreviated Nip/Tuck version of happy endings—while others remain stagnant, and still others encounter potentially life-changing situations. We're happy to say we're pleased with the way show runner (and Glee mastermind) Ryan Murphy wrote off these scandal-laden folks.

Without spoiling too much of the finale, we will say this:

  • Christian (Julian McMahon) and Sean (Dylan Walsh) will both get lucky—and at least semi-shirtless—one last time.
  • Ava (Famke Janssen), Kimber (Kelly Carlson) and Julia (Joely Richardson) pop up one last time.
  • Matt (John Hensley) is still Matt.
  • Liz (Roma Maffia), who is long overdue for a promotion, finally becomes a full partner at McNamara/Troy.

Want more? You'll have to wait until the Nip/Tuck finale Wednesday at 10 p.m., but in the mean time, check out the sneak peek below, take our fun little poll and let us know how you'd like to see things end.

Nip/Tuck's Final Bow
How do you think the outlandish doctor drama will wrap things up?


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