Recognize the Reveler

Jeff Steinberg/ Matt Symons,

Every girl's a princess on her birthday, so it's no surprise this actress rocked some royal headgear on her sweet 16.

Although she's a major Hollywood star, this girl has managed to keep her good reputation intact throughout the years.

We're not sure we can say the same for her fashion sense, though. Could her recent rocker role have anything to do with it?

Find out who's wearing the tiara after the jump...

Dakota Fanning

Jeff Steinberg/ Matt Symons,

It's Dakota Fanning, star of The Runaways and New Moon, chatting on her cell and rocking ripped leggings on her big day Tuesday.

But we can't bash her fashion choices too much when she's so darn down-to-earth and normal!

There's been no table-dancing or crazy nights out for this young starlet. On Saturday, she had a dinner party to celebrate with family and friends at Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills.


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