John Krasinksi, Captain America

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Jim Halpert as Captain America? It could happen—and soon.

John Krasinski is among the handful of actors that have been handpicked by Marvel to screen test for the superhero, franchise-ready and potentially career-boosting role.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Office drone is one of seven hopeful thesps the studio has sitting on the proverbial casting couch, all of whom will be testing for the role within the next two weeks at their Manhattan Beach HQ.

So who else could be suiting up to save the world?

In addition to Krasinski, who is the most high-profile actor confirmed for the testing phase, Smallville star Michael Cassidy, Brothers actor Patrick Fluger, Friday Night Lights' Scott Porter and Cloverfield's Mike Vogel are all up for the part.

The appropriately wholesome-looking Chace Crawford is also reportedly in talks to take part in the screen test but has yet to commit. Ditto with forthcoming Tron star Garrett Hedlund, whose reps have been unable, according to the Reporter, to lock down a deal for the final-stage audition.

Still, while the group's members are now the obvious frontrunners for the film, which follows a World War II-era soldier who transforms from being infirm to being, well, Captain America, it's still possible the studio may opt to go another way after running through them.

So good luck, everyone. It's some hard competition. And yeah, that's what she said.

The First Avenger: Captain America has a release date of July 22, 2011.


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