Brittany Murphy, Simon Monjack

AP PHoto/Dan Steinberg

Simon Monjack doesn't seem to have any idea why Brittany Murphy's father was unable to visit his daughter's grave.

"Neither Sharon nor I have heard from Mr. Bertolotti in any capacity for many, many years," the widower tells E! News, referring to reports that he and Murphy's mom prevented the actress' estranged dad, Angelo Bertolotti, from finding out where she's buried within Hollywood's Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

Bertolotti, who lives in Florida, did not attend Murphy's funeral. He is not listed as her father on her death certificate; instead, that space on the certificate reads "unknown."

But that shouldn't have anything to do with a father visiting a cemetery to pay his last respects, should it?

The 83-year-old said that he went to Forest Lawn last week and, when he asked for directions, was denied any information about where Murphy's gravesite is located. A rep for the cemetery told E! News that if "particular families leave special instructions," they abide by them.

But Monjack maintains that he and his mother-in-law did not arrange to keep Bertolotti away.

Meanwhile, Monjack tells E! that plans for a foundation in his wife's name are still in effect.

"We are eagerly awaiting IRS approval, which we are told should come within 90 days," says Monjack, who was forced to pull the plug on the venture last week and return all donations after it was reported that he and Sharon Murphy hadn't registered with the state of California or the IRS.

"[We] will be going full force to protect Brittany's legacy by doing benevolent acts that would be dear to her heart in her name."


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