Need a Tiger Woods break? How about some nice wholesome fun at the bowling alley with Justin Bieber! Awww, don't you love him so much you want him to be part of your family? And look! A behind-the-scenes special, too! Best day of our lives! More exclamation points please!

Or if you prefer your music videos with some Joe Jonas and Jake Gyllenhaal, then this one from Vampire Weekend is for you.

Ugh at this new commercial for Jay Leno's Tonight Show return.

So what's going on at the Winter Olympics? We don't know, but here are some rad pictures.

There's a new, longer, Shia LaBeouf-ier Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps trailer out in case you were mad that first one was all Gekko, no story.


Check out our Big Pic gallery to see what Sandra Bullock looks like when she's not winning Best Actress awards.

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