Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Eclipse

Summit Entertainment

It's official! The Eclipse trailer will premiere at the beginning of Rob Pattinson's new movie Remember Me March 12. Everybody ahhhhhhhhhh!

Awww, and look at poor R.Pattz concentrating really hard to control his vagina allergies around the naked models. (Photo obvs NSFW.)

Sometimes we all feel like this 3-year-old broken-hearted Justin Bieber fan, don't we?

So this is what Gwyneth Paltrow looks like when she's doing her arm exercises.

Pretty rough day for Joe Jonas—he's getting made fun of for his lack of football skillz and the way he wears his skinny jeans.

Kevin Smith has now made 24 different videos about how he just wants to move on from his too-fat-to-fly nonsense. Someone make him shut up.


Our Big Pic gallery has another picture of Knox, of the world-famous Jolie-Pitt twins. We're so glad the twins are finally allowed out.

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