Paris Hilton may be pushing 30, but evidently she's still a kid at heart.

The socialite celebrated the big 2-9 with family, friends and hubby hopeful Doug Reinhardt at Hollywood hot spot Dan Tana's on Wednesday night. Paris told E! News she received "lots of cool stuff" as gifts, which included, of all things, a Barbie doll from her mom and dad.

Thankfully, not every present was of the prepubescent variety…

She also scored some Christian Louboutin shoes, as well as a handbag.

The group later headed over to the Tea Room to keep the party going, where poor Rose McGowan inadvertently found herself caught in the crossfire.

"I was in the wrong place," the actress quickly clarified when asked if she was there for Paris. "I don't even know what's going on."

Well, at least Rose now has a big heads-up for next year.

—Reporting by Chris Hall


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