Did you see tonight's Lost?

No? Oh, well, no biggie. There was just one teensy-tiny reveal: We found out why they are on the island! And oh yeah, what the numbers are too!

So what do the answers to these huge questions really mean?  And what did Lost boss Damon Lindelof just tell me moments ago about "The List?!" Put on some pants and get in here!

What We Learned

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, Bitches! Hurley's infamous lottery numbers, which have shown up in countless Easter Eggs since Lost's inception, turned out to be numbers with corresponding names on a list of Jacob's "candidates." These candidates are  next in line to "protect the island"...which, let's be honest, at this point, has to be the world, right? So who do we have on Team Good/Jacob? Ladies and gentlefans, your star lineup...

  • #4: John Locke, claimed by Jacob after falling out of a window
  • #8: Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, claimed by Jacob in the backseat of a car
  • #15: James "Sawyer" Ford, claimed by Jacob at his father's funeral
  • #16: Sayid Jarrah, claimed by Jacob right before Nadia was hit by a car
  • #23: Jack Shepard, claimed by Jacob at a vending machine
  • #42: "Kwon," claimed by Jacob at their wedding...but which one?! Is it Jin or Sun?!

After freaking about this episode and kindly telling executive producer Damon Lindelof that he better end up including both our beloved Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) and Sun (Yunjin Kim) on Team Jacob (and, um, possibly calling him a "stingy bastard" in the most loving way possible), Damon shot back: "I will process your appeal to have both Kwons listed!" Hooray! Make it so!

What About Charlie, Shannon, Boone, Michael, Walt, Claire, Ana Lucia, Libby, Mr Eko? So sorry, and thank you for playing, but you did not make the cut--which may explain why most if not all of you are dead. Benjamin Linus also did not make the list, and something tells me he is not gonna take that too well.

Those Temple Dudes Are Seriously Suspect! Now that we know Sayid Jarrah is one of Jacob's "candidates," you have to wonder what Doga was up to when he did a "test" to determine if Sayid was "infected" and set out to poison him. I'm starting to think my theory from last week, that the Temple is actually the Man in Black/Smoke Monster's lair, might not be so nutty after all. Is that why most of Jacob's players are being held captive there? And now that Fake Locke told us that the "candidates" are all potential Jacob replacements, is it possible that Sayid has already become the "new Jacob" when they baptized him Jesus-like in the Temple water?

Young Jacob Is Lurking Around Like Walt in the Jungle. Confession: I have no idea what that means but it sure is creepy! Is Young Jacob time traveling to keep the Man in Black in check? All I know is that blonde kid is a dead ringer and has to be Jacob.

Lost, Josh Holloway

ABC/Mario Perez

What Lies Ahead

Will Sawyer Stay Evil? Or will he go back where he's "destined," on Team Jacob? I asked Josh Holloway himself whether his character is ultimately good or evil in the end, and he tells me: "Sawyer is both. He is good and evil. He walked most of his life towards evil, but now he more comfortably walks towards good. But he can always cross the line. It's a very interesting place to play this season because of the loss of Juliet and the anger, frustration, sadness that's here has brought him back to his original personality of being angry at the world and keeping everyone at a distance." Still, I'm hearing rumblings from reliable sources that Sawyer probably will not be on the dark side at the very end. Phew.

The Flash-Sideways Losties Will Start Getting Some Memories. You didn't think the "Safe 815"-ers would be left adrift forever without any consciousness of what's happened on the island, did you? They all belong there, after all. It's written on the cave wall! We already saw a bit of this with Jack thinking Desmond looked familiar, and I'm told there will be more.

Casting note: Sheila Kelly (the creator of celebrity strip workout S Factor and wife of Richard Schiff) was originally slated to appear in episodes 8, 10 and 11 of Lost's final season, but despite being--spoiler alert!--killed off at the end of that initial run, she's returning to the show. An insider tells us, "Sheila's role has been extended—she's doing at least one more episode than originally planned, maybe more. Her role was changed last minute. She flew to Hawaii again last week to film the added episode." So is she the zombie? Kidding.

    What did you think of tonight's episode? Got any theories to share? And with all this death talk, who are you hoping will make it out alive? Hit the comments!

    —Additional reporting by Whitney English


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