Adam Lambert

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Adam Lambert doesn't like it when you talk on the phone during his concerts.

He made that abundantly clear last night when he paused in the middle of a song during an intimate show in New York City.

"Sorry, can you get off your phone? You're yelling into it," he asked politely. "Really? You're not watching TV, honey. It's a live show."

Needless to say, when we spotted him at G-Star Raw Tuesday night, the incident came up.

"I don't need to rehash it! It's all available," he laughed. "I don't think I need to say anything."

So what did he have to say about the job Ellen DeGeneres has been doing thus far on American Idol?

Alas, another disappointing answer.

"I haven't watched it yet," he confessed.

We're three-for-three when we ask about his upcoming tour.

"What tour? Don't have one yet," he says. Doh!

However, Adam was a bit more forthcoming with us reporters when talking about some slightly less current affairs. Things like…

  • What must you always have with you? "I don't leave home without my music—my iPod—because, while I'm getting ready, if I don't have the music, I get real stressed-the-heck out," he said. More specifically, "Ke$ha's CD is really fantastic for getting ready. Always Goldfrapp. Always, always, always. Mike Snow is a great album to get ready to."
  • How many products does it take to get this look? "Oh man, I've lost count. And I got really overwhelmed too, because it's cold and it's hot and it's dry and it's this! I'm like oh, moisturizer! Oh hairspray! Just hairspray is my friend in general, especially in this weather."
  • What celeb do you find totally sexy? "Anna Kendrick."
  • What do you do to relax? "Walk away from all these tape recorders," he jokes. We think.


Adam talkin' about hairspray isn't all that's been going down this Fashion Week! Get the play-by-play on Twitter @redcarpet and even more, less sticky scoop in the Runway Rundown gallery!

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