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Dear Ted:
Do you think Miley Cyrus is as bad and talentless as everyone says? I think she has talent, and I honestly don't believe she's all that slutty. I mean, if you want to see slutty clothing, walk into a public high school.

Dear Miley Maniac:
Let’s just say I don’t expect Miley to win a Grammy anytime soon, and I certainly think Mickey Mouse would blush if he caught wind of her wild antics. Sure, Miley’s definitely not the only reason to make that happen, but don’t you think her love of low-cut shirts and booty shorts may be part of the reason these young girls are dressing the same? Hannah Montana is (or was) their role model, after all.

Dear Ted:
Is Roxy Couture Kelly Ripa and her hubby Marc? She seems like she's pretty trusting.


Dear Courting Couture:
No, think less chatty and even more fashionable.

Dear Ted:
Do you think that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens will honestly last? I hope not. I can’t really stand them together its so... elementary school. I’m leaning more towards him and Miss Tisdale. What do you think?


Dear Please:
I can guarantee we won’t see wedding bells for Zefron and his Disney date. Tisdale’s more of a possibility, but, eh, probably not gonna happen, either.

Dear Ted:
I was wondering if you ever read your comment boards after a Bitch-Back article. There is a lot of bashing happening, whether it is with you and what you wrote or with each other. The disputes seem to be really hot when Robsten is involved. Have you ever encountered an angry reader in the streets? Never knew how much people get heated up over Robsten—you would think they were the ones dating Rob and Kristen.


Dear No Way:
Only the lovers, never the haters. But, I’m sure there’s always a first. And as far as I’m concerned, the boards are your babies, not mine. Not that I haven’t been grossed out by what’s been posted there. But, then, I’ve been pretty grossed out by things I’ve written myself, so I guess we’re even.

Dear Ted:
I liked your show with Danneel Harris. Do stars like her realize that even though you might bitch about them every now and then, you're just doing your job? Or do some of then genuinely hate you for writing about them (like some of your readers do)?


Dear Strictly Professional:
The stars who don’t take themselves too seriously do, but I wasn’t surprised when Nicole Kidman didn’t send me a Valentine.

Dear Ted:
Not a question, just a comment. Ok, saying “Ms. Couture” gives it away. Have some compassion and make it a little more ambiguous. There's a reason her BFFs are not telling her. Whether you agree or not, she needs to find out on her own.


Dear Smarty Pants:
One word does not a woman make. There are plenty of stylish ladies in Hollywood. Okay, maybe a dozen.

Dear Ted:
What is your take on Rob's Details item? A lot of people seem to get that he was joking but a lot of others don't. How will this affect his image, if at all? I know you've gotten plenty of questions on this, please answer!

Dear In On The Joke:
Bingo—Rob definitely was not taking himself seriously in his interview. But all this media attention is getting his name out there even more and that’s all any star wants.

Dear Ted:
Color me confused. You have an invite to Jensen and Danneel's wedding (or was that all just a joke?). Nonetheless, you post answers to questions about them all the time. Then you refuse to answer anything at all about Jared and Genevieve because you "want to go to the wedding.” So are you invited to both weddings, or did the J/D wedding invite come with the condition you only post nice things about Danneel and no one else involved in this, uh, non-circus until the third weekend of May? Cheers.


Dear Dilemma:
You saw the invite on tape, no strings attached.

Dear Ted:
There's nothing "meaty" about a story focused on a pseudonym. For all anyone knows—and what I firmly believe—you are just making those stories up. (And for the record, Ted, airy comments like, "Oh, it's true. Trust." also mean nothing and do not convince anyone of your posts' truthfulness). If you aren't going to actually lay it on the line and talk dirt about real people with real names, then you're going to have to accept the fact that gossip lovers consider you a lightweight who has nothing meaty to say. For once, please listen to me, and stop the endless, nonsense Blind Vices about "people" with made-up names. And if you actually have gossip about someone? Just tell it, Ted. That's how you'll keep your fan base.


Dear Mother:
You should see my next Vice about you. Gonna be a doozy!

Dear Ted:
Do you love Paul Rudd as much as I do? Has he ever been a Blind Vice?


Dear I Love You, Paul:
Yes and no.

Dear Ted:
Since December I have been wondering, who gave you that "Robsten" spanking? It's much too convenient to have a "break" in time for Remember Me promotion. His name wouldn't happen to be Nick, would it?


Dear Nice Try:
The only Robsten spanking I’ll be receiving (or accepting) will be from Rob and Kristen themselves. Hasn’t, as yet, arrived.

Dear Ted:
I'd like an answer to the big questions: If you controlled Hollywood, who would Jennifer Aniston be with? Would Brad and Ange be together? I would like to hear more about your vision of a sexier Hollywood—I'm getting a bit tired of Robsten.


Dear Heavy Hitter:
How about Jenn and Ange together? With all that tension, things would def be sexier. Don’t you think?

Dear Ted:
Does Nelly Fang have a beard? Does he go out on a date with girls?

Dear Bearded Bloodsucker:
All in-the-closet stars have lady friends to keep up appearances. Or at least all the ones who don’t want to be caught. Nelly’s included here.

Dear Ted:
Is Nelly Fang Antonio Banderas?


Dear Vampiro:
No, but keep guessing, babe. This boyish blood-sucker is just dying to be outted.

Dear Ted:
I was searching around the Internet for news about Kristen Stewart’s Welcome To The Riley's and found photos of her and ex-boyfriend, Michael Angarano. They looked really happy back at the end of April, so what happened? Are we just going to chalk it up to two young kids growing apart? What makes Mike and Kristen different then Rob and Kristen? I am just trying to understand the hard-core, Robsten shippers that act like what Rob and Kris have is true undying love when they don't even know these two young adults. I just hate to see what people would do if Robsten decided to part ways as a couple.


Dear K.Stew + Who?:
Kristen and Michael were just a couple of teens, so it’s about as surprising that they didn’t last as any high school couple breaking up would be. Things just don’t always work. And while K.Stew and R.Pattz are happy now, they’re still ages away from being settled. We’ll just have to wait to see how it plays out in the long run.

Dear Ted:
I am constantly seeing Jennifer Aniston's fans posting on the Internet about how sweet, friendly and easy-going she is. Is that really true?


Dear Curious:
Jen is a pretty laid-back chick. She likes to have fun, so if margaritas with your gal pals ‘n’ gay boys sound great to you, then, yes, she is as great as she seems.

Dear Ted
So, I'm a new reader and I'm totally stuck on this Nelly Fang biz. I tweeted you a question about it a few days ago and never got a response. I'm sure you get lots of tweets and can't respond to all of them. Or, more likely, I was just ignored. No worries. My question is this: Can Nelly Fang only engage in his Griffith Park escapades while he's on hiatus or does he do his vampire filming in LA, too?


Dear Fang Fascination:
Nelly is such a hunk that he would have no problem getting a little down-low loving no matter where he’s located. And he does.

Dear Ted:
I was just wondering: did you like New Moon? Or did you think it was awful like many other critics seem to think?


Dear Critics Choice:
Oh, make me barf with cheesy one liners and not nearly enough lovein’ from you know who, is that good enough of a reply?

Dear Ted
Love you much, but I have to say, either you've lost your edge or Hollywood has gone soft (which I doubt). Last week's Blind Vice was totally lame—recycling an already pretty obvious BV but making the wife the subject this time does not a juicy story make. Are we beginning to see one of the negative side effects of our celeb gossip obsessioneventually the rumors run dry? I, for one, refuse to believe it. Try to take it up a notch for those of us who want to read about something other than Robsten. Pretty please?


Dear Hollywood Insider:
Not so fast, you may think you know all the dish, but, how come you haven’t been able to out my good friends Secretia Ohio and Chester Shorts-Off?


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