Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock

NBC Photo: Nicole Rivelli

One headline-grabbing "misunderstanding" is bad enough. But two in a single day may be some kind of record…even for Alec Baldwin.

As if the 30 Rock scene-stealer wasn't having a bad enough day following his brief hospitalization Thursday, the actor returned home to his NYC apartment after a long day of shooting to find a throng of media waiting for him. One bottom-dwelling paparazzo in particular, Tim Wiencis from the New York Post, began peppering Baldwin with questions as to the current emotional state of his daughter Ireland, who reportedly called 911 on her father the night before.

Well, that was all it took for Mount Baldwin to erupt.

According to the New York Daily News, Baldwin took the bait and began shouting, "This guy! This guy!" when he spotted Wiencis, with whom we're guessing he has some history, in the crowd.

He then grabbed the collar of the offending paparazzo but before anything (or more importantly, any charges) could come of it, cops who were already present and on crowd control duty pulled the actor away.

Of course, the NYDN apparently saw fit to leave out the events leading up to Baldwin's outburst.

According to RadarOnline, Baldwin returned home around 5:15 p.m. and after making his way through the crowd—and hearing Wiencis' questions—yelled out, "This guy assaulted me."

Police on hand entered the lobby of Baldwin's building alongside the actor who then, without warning if not prodding, ran out and grabbed Wiencis' jacket. Police quickly stopped the action and brought Baldwin back inside.

No charges were filed and Baldwin took off a short while later. We're guessing to a hotel. With plenty of security.


Oh, Alec. Luckily, he shouldn't be dominating the headlines too long—after all, there's much bigger (golder, medalier) stories coming today. So get ready for Vancouver with Our Winter Olympians gallery!

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