Dolphins can be pervs sometimes and Jennifer Garner has one such story she shared with David Letterman last night.

So far, Jessica Simpson's only response to John Mayer telling the world she's "sexual napalm" is a single vague tweet: "interesting day so least i am boxing 2-a-days this week."

• Brad Pitt was out in Malibu being all funny because you know how much he loves jokes. When paparazzi asked about breakup rumors, he pretended like his friend was Angie and grabbed his arm saying, "We're back together." Then he pushed him away and said, "Now we're broken up." Are you laughing yet?

Oh no, guys! We won't all be able to own a pair of Dina Lohan's footwear line Shoe-hanit's over. Sadface...

• Suri Cruise makes Snowpocalypse 2k10 pretty adorable, but Bo Obama is really giving her a run for her money.


And while everyone seems to be fighting the blizzard, Taylor Swift is chilling out in Australia being Taylor Swift.

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