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Dear Ted:
Do you have any information about Kellan Lutz? He keeps saying that he's single but is always hanging around AnnaLynne McCord! Is he just using her for sex, or are they in a real relationship? I hope to dear god that he's not gay, but still! Also, could there be two love triangles on the set of Twilight? I have a feeling one is between Rob-Kristen-Taylor because he's been trying to get in on the action from what it looks like, and the other is Rob-Nikki-Kristen. I read that Rob was just using Nikki for sex, and that Kristen initially ignored Rob's attempts to hook up. Any of this true?

Dear Answers:
Yes, you're correct on a few things there. First off, though, you couldn't be more wrong about the Robsten-Taylor love triangle. Lautner was never involved in that stuff. Nikki was a lot more. As for Kellan, he and AnnaLynne are definitely on. Don't think they're necessarily exclusive?just two good-lookin' people who enjoy each other...a lot.

Dear Ted:
and Angie were all over each other at the Super Bowl. To me it looks like another stunt by the skank and the dirtbag to make it seem like they are in love?until they are ready to tell the world they are breaking up. But do you actually think Angie would let Brad leave and prove everyone right, or will she hang on to him and lead her own life privately?

Dear Not Buyin' It:
Angie would never leave Brad with the whole world watching. That's a fact.

Dear Ted:
Taylor Lautner's birthday is Feb. 11. We can finally look at those abs without feeling so guilty! Have you thought of a present for him? How about on the occasion of his becoming an adult, you confirm that he is, indeed, a Blind Vice star?

Dear Ab Enthusiast:
I guess Feb. 11 is going to be your favorite day of the year then!

Dear Ted:
Please explain why you hate Gerard Butler so much? I discovered your blolum not so long ago (to my great despair, E! isn't that popular in France), and I don't understand how he went from "Scottish hunk" to "vile misogynous bastard." Now, I know the man's a whore, but hey, isn't it a common standard in Hollywood? George Clooney, for instance, is the king of Manwhoreville, and yet, he's not that hated. So what is it? Is G.B. the despising, obnoxious kind of s--t who thinks big of himself? Is he just a whore? Or worse, is he unable to find happiness? I sometimes have the feeling that, even though he acts like a stupid teenager, the guy is intelligent (mind you, it could be the dark Angelina Jolie kind of intelligence!). I used to love the guy, and now, I don't know what to think, so please tell!

Dear Parisienne:
Gerry and George are not a simple comparison. But I def don't hate Butler. He's just such an easy targit.

Dear Ted:
The story you posted on Lady Gaga and Alexander Skarsgard bothered me so much I had to write. I have absolutely no idea whether Skarsgård prefers his women fat, thin, remarkably hairy or missing an eye, but regardless of whether or not it's true, you have to be conscious that even posting a rumor suggesting he is disgusted by anyone not skin and bones could incite women who fantasize about him to crash diet. I've always felt there was a remarkable lack of misogyny to your column (and applauded your stand on Polanski), but this post is simply irresponsible.

Dear Thoughts:
Definitely didn't see it that way at all when posted, but it's very valid (and well-articulated), my dear.

Dear Ted:
You mentioned that Paul Wesley from Vampire Diaries has secrets. Is he Grey Goose?

Dear Blunt: 
No, Paul is more of a newcomer than Grey.

Dear Ted:
Who's the better, nicer, more well-behaved guy, Stephen Moyer or Alexander Skarsgård?

Dear Vamp Tramp:
You can't have us pick and choose between these stud muffins! I'd have to say Moyer is better behaved...but is that 'cause he's getting hitched?

Dear Ted:
What's happening with Penn Badgley and Blake Lively? Blake was seen in Florida with Chace Crawford and Chace's manager at the balcony...Are Penn and Blake over?

Dear G.G. Fan:
. But if you're alluding to a Chace-Blake hookup, I can assure you that ain't happening.

Dear Ted:
Do you know if Eclipse is going to be promoted like New Moon (tons of trailers, clips and teasers every day), or is it going to be different? And when are they starting? Maybe at some MTV awards show again? Any scoop?

Dear Media Maven:
That's a good question, and I'll double check for ya. But I can't imagine Summit backing down on its Twilight pimping anytime soon.

Dear Ted:
I know you said that Jensen Ackles has been a Blind Vice, but is Jared Padalecki a card-carrying B.V. too?

Dear Fan:
But of course! Who isn't in Hollywood, really.

Dear Ted:
I have been thinking about the assertion I read recently that 90 percent of Hollywood is gay. I'm presuming it referred primarily to men, but what do I know? So I went back and looked at the Oscar winners of this past decade: Russell Crowe, Denzel Washington, Adrien Brody, Sean Penn (twice), Forest Whitaker, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Daniel Day-Lewis, and all I could think was, "I could see, based on this list, 20 percent. But 90 percent?" Perhaps this statistic is not about successful actors? Or is it about age?

Dear Stats Queen:
Nah, it's about the whole Hollywood bunch. Unknown actors and über-successful actors! 

Dear Ted:
You have said in the past you feel bad for the damage you did to Nikki Reed's rep. With the benefit of that hindsight, I have to ask, do you feel bad about what you are currently doing to Alexander Skarsgård, or do you just intend to do what gets you hits now and feel bad about that later too?

Dear Damage Control:
What have I done exactly?

Dear Ted:
Is Nelly Fang Sam Worthington? He's hunky. He's smoldering. He's slated to star in an upcoming vampire movie, and he's associated with the Terminator franchise. You dropped that hint in the Jan. 6 Bitch-Back. Tell me I'm right!

Dear Clues:
Drool. Love Sam Worthington! That bad boy has his own thing goin' on, and it ain't Nelly Fang's.


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