Just when you thought Carrie Underwood couldn't be more likeable—she did answer questions about "Pants on the Ground" with an impressive straight face, after all—along comes Sesame Street.

The American Idol winner swept her cares away and into a new, recurring character on the long-running children's television show. Carrie Underworm, an invertebrate puppet with a shiny blonde wig, makes her debut on the show this Thursday. She'll reappear on the series on March 17, April 8 and April 26, according to CMT.com.

Thursday's installment features an exclusive recording of "The Worm Anthem," and is introduced by NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon.

We can't help but wonder—given that Carrie's engaged to hockey star Mike Fisher, could this mean a baby who'd best appreciate her contribution to kiddie TV won't be far behind?


Remember when Jake Gyllenhaal appeared on the Street?!

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