Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler

Jennifer Aniston kicked off her birthday partying a little early this weekend with a trip to Cabo. To celebrate her 41st, which is actually Feb. 11, she brought her usual lady friends Courteney Cox and Sheryl Crow. But the weekend wasn't all about girl time. Behind those binoculars is none other than Gerard Butler! (David Arquette was also there, but he's not in a maybe-relationship with Jen so he doesn't count.)

It was just last month that Jen and Ger were hanging all over each other at the Golden Globes, allegedly making out in kitchens, trying to convince us they were a couple so that we'd all want to see The Bounty Hunter. Of course, then Gerard had to go and ruin all their hard work when he made out with some rando.

So either Gerry is just one of the girlfriends, hanging out with Jen, Court and Sher, arguing about which Sex and the City character he is, or it's time to give the fake relationship another go. Which do you think it is?


Should Gerard & Jen get a spot in our Celeb Weddings We Can't Wait For gallery? Just kidding...we think.

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