Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson

Brian Zak / AP Images; Courtesy: Dolce & Gabanna

"It's not his thing, he's not always on like Taylor is."

Robert Pattinson insider, when asked if the hunky Edward would perhaps be pulling an SNL appearance, just like his arch Twi rival, Taylor Lautner, did recently. Well, it is a media question worth pondering, considering R.Pattz's Remember Me media tour's about to hit big.

Or is getting grilled by Barbara Walters on The View more Robert's movie-star speed?

"Yes," says Camp R.Pattz, "putting on a show like Taylor does, just isn't his thing. It's not what he does."

Quite unlike Taylor. Adds another super-knowledgeable Rob-and-Taylor source: "That Taylor will do anything, anything, for the press. He's been doing it since he was a kid. Rob doesn't pull that stuff."

Obviously, Mr. L's media-working persona is one that far better suits live television, which, according to some of our R.Pattz vets, isn't exactly where they want to show off the boy.

Leave that to Tay-babe, who knows a thing or two about perhaps not putting forth his more genuine side.


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