Kate Walsh


The judge presiding over Kate Walsh's divorce settlement must really have Super Bowl fever. How else to explain why the division of their property assets has come down to the flip of a coin?

A divorce settlement was signed today after the Private Practice star and her Fox exec hubby of just 14 months, Alex Young, took part in a marathon negotiation session yesterday.

Here's how they're splitting their sizeable loot:

Per the settlement, Young gets a one-time payment of $627,000 from Walsh, along with half of her payday from any work she took from the start of their marriage on Sept. 1, 2007, through their date of separation, listed as Nov. 22, 2008.

Walsh, meanwhile, gets to keep their home and piano. Must be some instrument. Both parties were also prohibited from harassing the other.

As for their other assets, the court papers stipulate that they are "to be divided by alternating picks after the flip of a coin to determine who will pick first."

The one proviso: If Young doesn't pick up his selections within 10 days, Walsh gets to keep 'em.

Fingers crossed she's got a lazy ex!


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