When the blogosphere turns on you, it's one thing. When your de facto in-laws and baby-mama do, it's another. But when a late-night host refers to you as "Super Douche" on national TV, well, that's almost enough to make us feel sorry for Scott Disick.

Still, it's nice to know (as if we didn't already!) who wears the pants in Kourtney Kardashian's family—even if those pants are, by her own determination, 15 pounds off her pre-maternity size.

But if there's one upshot to humiliation at the hands of Jimmy Kimmel, it's that the world finally discovered that Disick isn't just some Ed Hardy-clothed layabout. He's an Ed Hardy-clothed layabout with a job at the manufacturers of Quick Trim, Kim and Khloé's weight-loss supplement of choice.

By day, anyway. By night, he's "Super Douche." Talk about a sucker-punch.


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