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Dear Ted:
Can we all just stop for a minute and give praise to Anna Kendrick She is amazing and more than just Bella's human friend in Twilight. Not only is she in Vanity Fair's front cover with Kristen Stewart but she is getting a lot of praise for her role Up in the Air. I think she is a prime example of how a little screen time on a successful movie franchise plus a lot talent can spring someone into stardom. It doesn't hurt that she also got to work with George Clooney. Wonder who will get an Oscar first, Anna or Kristen?

Dear Appreciation:
But yes, both are stars in their own right, and I have a feeling that 2010 will be a great year for each gal. But yes, mucho applause for Ms. Kendrick, who has actually been nominated for an Oscar, BTW. 'Tho, wonder if she had more screen time in Twilight if it wouldn't have actually hurt her in the end. Think her two seconds was all she needed to get her foot in the door, and her talent speaks for itself.

Dear Ted:
A good mom? A good mom? You have got to be freaking kidding me! I love you with all my heart but there is no way Angie is a "good mom" like you called her, while she is still on her "mystery diet." please!
—Ted Lover

Dear Nobody's Perfect:
Angie puts her kids first—think they're about the only thing that keep her from going overboard with that diet. And maybe a reason why Brad is fed up?

Dear Ted:
I'm in love with Ryan Gosling and I'm pretty sure everyone at AT does too. Plus, he's not too bad to look at, as well. I was just wondering as he ever been a B.V.? And, who would you pair him up with besides your co-worker?

Dear Cupid:
Me! Only half-kidding there. Don't think Ry bats my way, but, If Taryn turns him down, then what about someone like Anna Kendrick?

Dear Ted:
Thanks for the firestorm! So are you basically saying Robsten is a relationship of "convenience," meaning as long as they are filming, promoting or having down time, they are "together," but when individual projects come up, they "take a break"? This is a far cry from your "committed, monogamous, serious" relationship blogs. Or has the bloom just worn off this romance?

Dear Serious:
Convenience has two different meanings in our blolum. The first is for relationships like Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift. And Robsten so isn't that kinda relaysh. They work on it.

Dear Ted:
I am concerned about the hate messages on the boards. Things that say "I wish Rob's plane would crash over the Atlantic" are so bad and shouldn't be allowed. I know, free speech and all, but a line should be drawn at the death wishes/threats. Seriously, these poor kids deserve some protection. Certainly, they don't deserve threats.

Dear Protector:
I totally agree with you. Thinking about what exactly to do here. Any suggestions? Remember, the boards are your blolumn, not mine—that's the prob.

Dear Ted:
Is it just me, or does it feel like the Grammys kinda blew off Lady Gaga this year? Yes, she opened the show, but why not give her a Best New Artist nom? I'm getting so very tired of cookie cutter artists...Gaga is finally someone different with talent!
—Just Sayin'

Dear Cuttin' The Cookie:
Yeah the whole "she was nominated for 'Just Dance'" last year was pretty terrible. I get the reasoning, but doesn't mean I agree with it. The Grammys need to revamp for sure.

Dear Ted:
Grrrr I want to know who Nelly Fang is! This is a long shot but how about Scott Speedman who was part vampire in Underworld and starred in Felicity which was on the same network as Vampire Diaries and Buffy?
—A Skaars Lover

Dear Sleuth:
I appreciate your creative way of thinking—and I'm impressed! In order to figure out Nelly, that's what you need to do. Scott's so not Fang, tho. Think more current hot.

Dear Ted:
Two questions, why was Jay -Z such a jerk at the Grammys when Stephen Colbert was joking with him? And did the Kardashian sisters really go into the kitchen and make some poor server cry cause she asked Lamar for an autograph, which he had graciously given? Bow wow to your pets!

Dear Questions:
When does Jay-Z not have attitude? He was going along with it though when the cameras weren't on him. Don't think HOVA was ready when Colbert threw the joke at him.

Dear Ted:
I'm addicted to your page just discovered it and can't stop. Anyway I have a theory about Robsten. When they first met, she was total jailbait and if they hooked up then Rob (who I think was around 20) was breaking the law. Could it be that they are keeping things under wraps because this could be implied? Even though she's legal now he'd still be in some s--t. Besides, didn't the director of the first movie make a point of saying she told Rob not to have a romance with her, because he'd go to jail? What do you think? Sounds plausible to me.

Dear Law Abiding Citizen:
Now you're thinking like a handler, my friend. Welcome to true Club Robsten membership.

Dear Ted:
Mark Wahlberg
seems to have really turned his life around. He's married and has four children. Was he ever a BV back in the day? Has he really changed his ways? I just love a reformed reprobate! Thanks.

Dear Changed:
Took him long enough! Marky Mark just married his baby mama and longtime GF. Better late than never, 'tho, right? But, remember, Warren Beatty was supposedly reformed, too...

Dear Ted:
We know that several of the most infamous Blind Vices have children. How do their closeted parents expect the children to keep their secrets? I am especially asking about Baby Tile as he/she grows up, since the parents are both in the closet and/or with their beards. Will the child be in the dark like the public, too?
—Maybe now I know why celeb kids are nuts

Dear Bestsellers To Be:
Darling, it's going to be a whole new generation of Mommie Dearests!

Dear Ted:
Are Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth a real couple? Or is it just publicity for their movie?

Dear True Love:
Miley loves to jump from man to man. Don't think she would settle for a "convenient" type of relationship. Get it?

Dear Ted:
I have been looking at pictures of Zoe Saldana, and she used to be much more healthy looking. She almost looks anorexic! So...drugs, eating disorder, both? Has she been a BV? Thanks!

Dear Healthy:
Zoe has always had a hot body, remember the classic Britney Spears movie, Crossroads? She's one of the cooler ones in town, and less disordered, for sure.


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