Brad Pitt

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Enough's enough. What is the friggin' deal with Brad's chin warmer?

Some say Angie's man is doing the whole the mountain-man look for his upcoming film, the Lost City of Z, where he's set to play Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett, who went missing in the Amazon back in 1925.

Uh, only problemo?

The flick doesn't even have a script yet! Oh, and Col. Fawcett had a handlebar mustache, not a dusty beard. So clearly this gangly thing on Brad's face is his choice.

Is Pitt's look a rebellion from his clean cut past, or an acceptance of Angelina's ideals (his scruffier style is reminiscent of Jolie's ex Billy Bob Thornton)?

Or could it be Fat Syndrome? You know, when a gal (or guy) is so unhappy in a relaysh that they scarf extra calories and stink themslves up.

Think we exaggerate? Behold, our gallery of Brad Pitt's Beard: The Evolution!

Ever since hooking up with Angie, the once Sexiest Man Alive has been going rapidly downhill. And sorry, aging has nothing to do with it...just look at George Clooney.


Follow the whiskers in Brad Pitt's Beard: The Evolution gallery

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