"Isn't she a doll?!" Ellen Pompeo gushed to Ellen DeGeneres about her 4-month-old daughter, Stella Luna, her first child with hubby Chris Ivery, whose picture she happily showed off at today's taping.

The photo of daddy holding baby is the first Pompeo has allowed to go public.

"Chris loves dressing her up like him," the Grey's Anatomy star said, noting their similar plaid button-downs.

"This works out well for you then," DeGeneres said, presenting Pompeo with a wee "I Heart Ellen" onesie for Stella after hearing that Ivery likes running around the house in the Ellen-monogrammed underwear the talk show host gives to her guests.

"You know, it's the highlight of my life," Pompeo said of the ego boost she gets from seeing her name stamped across her husband's bottom.


Four months after baby's arrival, Ellen Pompeo is looking good, definitely good enough for our Hollywood's Hottest Moms gallery.

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