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If you didn't notice, acceptance speeches at last night's Grammy Awards were rather short.

Winners had what seemed like 15 seconds (what is that? 100 characters?) to show their shock and thank the Academy and their record label before the music started playing to usher them offstage. And some bigs didn't even have the chance to do that much!

Alas, Twitter offered trophy-toters like Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Jason Mraz 140 characters and the chance to thank those who really made it all possible.

"We won big tonight little monsters," Gaga gushed. "I am so proud to make music 4 you. I hope I continue to inspire u the way u inspire me.You're everything."

No doubt it would have been a bit more exciting to hear her say those sweet words than to have to read them.

"I will remember this night, this celebration, the screaming and hugging of people I love, the words on cards of hotel room good luck roses," Swift said, sharing her awe at her big wins.

Mraz couldn't believe his luck at getting to take home two statuettes, but, from the looks of it, he might have been better off not having gotten to give a speech.

"Sitting in the crowd a Grammy winner. Numb in whelm. Grateful for ten years of fan support. Thank you. I'll follow up with a blog soon," he promised.

The Zac Brown Band, those guys who scored the Best New Artist gong, kept it simple but fans may still be left saying, "ahem!"

"Wow! Best New Artist & the performance. Thank you, Academy!" they wrote.

Lastly, Pink may have gone home empty-handed, but her winner of a performance earned her the right to a speech in our books.

"Welp kids, I lost. But I really won:) I made my point:) thanks for all your love and support. Truly," she shared. "I had so much fun tonight—this year has been a homecoming for me, so thanks everybody. Seriously. I got a standing O. Happy tonight."


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