Survivor: Tocantins

Monty Brinton/CBS

What American Idol Wants to Be When It Gets Really Old: The still-fit Survivor, which, as it showed again last night, can dominate its time slot in total viewers (13.7 million, per Nielsen estimates) and the 18-49 demo. CSI (night-best 16.9 million) isn't a bad role model, either, it just skews older.

The Gig Is Up: Overall, the now-concluded Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice crossover worked very well for both shows. Grey's (15.4 million; night-best 18-49 rating) was even bigger, and more potent in the demo, last night than it was last week. Private Practice, however, slumped, down about 2.5 million viewers from last week (11.4 million versus 14.1 million). In the demo, it was down more than 20 percent, but still won the 10 p.m. hour. 

Etc.: Bones (9.5 million) was middling, Hell's Kitchen (6.6 million) was hot in the demo, Ugly Betty (7.6 million) was up.

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