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Will MIA be MIA for the Oscars?

The answer could be yes...and no.

Sources tell me that the 31-year-old rapper will probably skip out on performing during the Original Song medley, but she's trying hard to at least attend Sunday's ceremony.

M.I.A., who gave birth to her first son last Wednesday, just three days after performing at the Grammys, is a nominee for her collaboration on "O Saya" from Slumdog Millionaire.

Awards show coproducer Laurence Mark joked with me last week—at least I think he was joking—that they've offered the singer the option to perform from a bed.

Her conominee, composer A.R. Rahman, reportedly said earlier this week that M.I.A. has even suggested she appear as a hologram à la will.i.am's CNN appearance on Election night.

"She's probably going to be at Oscars," a source says. "So that means there will be two nominees, her and Peter Gabriel, in the audience watching other people perform their songs."

Gabriel has declined to be part of the medley because he was asked by producers to cut his WALL-E tune, "Down to Earth," from almost six minutes to just 65 seconds. Even so, he said he will attend the show.

There's still no word on who will replace M.I.A. Mark told me that they were definitely considering Gabriel's recommendation to have the Soweto Gospel Choir step in for him.

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