United States of Tara


If you thought you knew the many faces of Showtime's Tara (Toni Collette), you've got another thing coming: Alice, Buck and "T" are about to get a new buddy.

United States of Tara writer/mastermind Diablo Cody tells us exclusively, "There may be other alters." There's no may about it, and "Four" is coming soon. But who is this fourth persona, and when might we meet him or her?

Network sources tell us to look for the "big reveal at the end of this next episode," and that we'll definitely know the new character when we see him or her. Who do you think she or he is? If you have any suspicions about what "Four" might be like, take our poll below and then post in the comments.

Tara's Fourth Personality
How old is Four?
What gender is Four?
What kind of personality does Four have?

Plus, check out the sneak peeks of Sunday's all-new episode featuring Tara and Charmaine's parents! (They seem way nicer than Sybil's parents, but they've got to be part of the reason for Tara's disassociative identity disorder, right?)

United States of Tara airs Sunday at 10 p.m. on Showtime.

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