Natalie Portman

Eric Ryan/Getty Images

Would you spend $23 do get the phone numbers of Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Kevin Spacey and other stars? Sure you would. That's exactly what happened to a U.K. insurance clerk who bought a used Blackberry on eBay and discovered he'd also secured a Hollywood hotline.

At first we thought this was some kind of marketing ruse by Blackberry to regain the chic demographic from the ascendant iPhone: Buy a used 'berry and maybe you'll get the number for Halle Berry.

But it turns out to be just a simple blunder. According to U.K. tabloid, The Mirror, clerk Kent Devey recognized some famous names in his phone's address book: "I told my brother and he didn't believe it, so we decided to ring a couple of numbers.

"When I got Julie Walters' answer phone, I was speechless." Speaking of speechless. Really? Julie Walters? Love her, but given the option we're pretty sure we would have dialed Natalie Portman.

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